So, Why this Blog?
So, Why this Blog?

So, Why this Blog?

"Hope is a risk that Must be Run. It is even the Risk of the Risks."

George Bernanos
So, Why this Blog?, An Unpredictable Past
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After some time thinking about it, in the end here I am, writing the first article of a personal blog.

So, the question is, why am I doing this?

I thinked about this nearly two weeks, realizing there are two types of answers I can give to the question:

The first, is a practical reason: I want to do this to find a new way of living, a new job where I hope to find a personal realization. I’m so sick and tired of italian media locic, political logic, social logic. This could be my ticket away from all that junk.

The second one, is a most personal reason: my Law professor in high school always tells me that I desperately try to “hide my intelligence” from others. He was right. For years I hide what my thoughts to others, preserving them as a precious treasure not to be shared. Now is enough. From now on, listened or not, I will express myself and put my knowledge into something more than merely speculative theory.

All of this will be also in His loving memory.

The name of this Blog comes from an old joke from the former Soviet Union, that sais: “The future is certain; it is only the past that is unpredictable”, wich probably inspired the famous George Orwell’s quote of the IngSoc motto in his distopian novel 1984: “Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

The quote below, the Blog motto, is obviously a joke on “The Washington Post” slogan “Democrazia dies in Darkness“, made after the election of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency of the United States. I know that maybe in the US this was a shoking event, but in Europe, expecially in the East but not only (Italy itself is a perfect example), this tendency goes on for years and was there, “In Bright Light” for all to see, it was only a matter of time that the “Death of Democracy“, will spread like a virus.

In this Blog, i will try to write principally about that, and correlated issues:

  • History, our “Voiceless Teacher”
  • Philosophy, or, well, making philosopy
  • Literature, specifically tied to the themes above
  • Politics, and his developement
  • Various issues related to all of the above

So if you share any of these interests with me, you want to read about them, but above all to talk about them, I welcome you to “An Unpredictable Past”, I hope to succeed from here on, to be able to involve you and make you more curious.

I want, or at least I hope, that this is the Place of the Questions, and not of the Answers, because only thanks to the former can we hope to resist a world that seems to overwhelm us with its overbearing greatness, and its events that seem to run fast and out of control.

That’s, in the end, the sense of the quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet: the world really seems “Out of Joint” and all of us start feeling alone in front of this, despite the matter of fact that make everyone in some way “being born to make it right”. But, as Hamlet sais in the end of the Act I, we are not alone, and I hope to be an helping hand.

So sit down, my friend, and we will try to clarify together what surrounds us.

Nay, come, let’s go together!”


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